Phil Freeman

by | Mar 25, 2022

Today’s guest deejay is music journalist Phil Freeman .

Phil is a journalist, author, digital marketer, and social media professional.

Phil has written for The Wire, DownBeat, Village Voice, and other fine publications. Phil has written three books. His fourth book is Ugly Beauty: Jazz in the 21st Century, which will be released Tuesday, February 1st.

In Ugly Beauty, Phil asks pressing questions. What does jazz mean two decades into the 21st century? Has streaming culture made music meaningless? Has the destruction of the apprenticeship model changed the music irrevocably? Phil has answers, of course, and he shares own experiences and conversations with present-day players.

Email us at and we’ll randomly choose a winner to receive a copy of Ugly Beauty: Jazz in the 21st Century.

The interstitial music on today’s show is “Perseverance” by Graham Haynes and Submerged from their Echolocation album, from Phil’s Burning Ambulance label.

Join us next week when our guest deejay will be singer/songwriter, jazz pianist, organist, vocalist, composer, and arranger Amina Claudine Myers.

  1. Jaimie Branch “Simple Silver Surfer” from FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  2. Seed Ensemble “The Darkies” from Driftglass
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  3. Brandee Younger “Olivia Benson” from Somewhere Different
    Amazon | Apple Music
  4. Nérija “Partner Girlfriend Lover” from Blume
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  5. Yazz Ahmed “The Space Between the Fish and the Moon” from La Saboteuse
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  6. Mary Halvorson Octet “The Absolute Almost, No. 52” from Away With You
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  7. Irreversible Entanglements “Bread Out of Stone” from Who Sent You?
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  8. Matana Roberts “Wild Fire Bare” from Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  9. Tomeka Reid Quartet “Niki’s Bop” from Old New
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp
  10. Nubya Garcia “ Stand With Each Other (featuring Ms MAURICE, Cassie Kinoshi, Richie Seivwright)” from Source
    Amazon | Apple Music | Bandcamp